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We love making games.



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Legends of DHA

Choose your own path through the epic story campaign across three different campaigns, from the high frozen mountains of humans' Cold Home, to the fantasy landscape of Earth's Heaven, the impressive woods of the Magical Forest and unveil the mystery behind the sacred Mountain of DHA.

Deploy devastating units across varied battlefields, hold siege of your enemies, plan waves of units and defeat your invaders, overcome betrayal and uprisings or challenge your friends and other players to see who is the best field commander in your town, country or even the whole world.

  • Three unique factions with different abilities and play-styles.
  • RTS side-scroller experience mixed with unique ways to control your units and plan your attacks.
  • 18 different units including Aerial units.
  • Over 40 different special attacks to unlock and power up, custom made to your units.
  • Epic boss fights!.
  • Single player story divided into 3 different campaigns.
  • Up to 4 players VS mode. Co-op included-
  • PlayStation trophies and PlayStation®Vita front and rear touch panel support.

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Powerup Engine

Powerup Engine is the tech that powers all of our games, and it is designed to ease multi-platform development.

It is the result of our ongoing effort to develop game design & programming tools that are both powerful and very easy to use, and that allows game development on multiple platforms.

The engine features lots of tools to help develop your game focusing on what's important, the gameplay.

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  • Deploy Everywhere

    Powerup Engine supports a wide range of platforms and we will continue to extend the support progressively.

    The most common development tools are also supported.

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  • Easy to Use

    Lua scripting, a set of tools to improve your productivity and a comprehensive API make Powerup Engine a, easy to learn and easy to use, middleware for every team.

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  • Feature proof

    Wide range of features like skeletal animation, particles system, Behavior Tree AI and Network support.

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About us

We are a very small team of passionate indie developers devoted to bring players new and awesome experiences

We love games. We make games. We love making games.

Back when videogames were starting and getting people to play them, getting a POWER UP was a moment of joy and celebration. That simple POWER UP gave the players the power to overcome any challenge the game threw at them.

What we wanted with this company is to create challenges for ourselves and be able to overcome them. Bring players those old experiences transformed by nowadays standards.