A Singular RTS side-scroller title for the PlayStation®Vita. A tale of adventure and mystery in the land of the sacred Mountain of DHA.

A Millennia has passed since the Three Founding Heroes formed The League unifying the Three Great Nations. The peace is now a just a facade to their inhabitants as mysterious events being to unravel.

Lead courageous heroes that fight for humanity, mysterious arcane wizards that summon the magic and fierce dragons that protect their sacred lands and unveil the mystery behind The Mountain and the Darkening of the Sky.

Three Factions


Proud soldiers that do not believe in more than their own hard work, ingenuity and technology to prepare themselves for battle. Their main source of energy is Honor.


Mystic beings. Believers to be Gods descendants and with techniques that allow them to bend the physical laws of reality. They rely heavily on Mana to cast their magic.


Direct sons and daughters of the planet. Powerful users of the land's energy and wildness to its own cause, hence needing the earth's Essence to perform its enchanting.


Control over your army

You must decide how to outwit and overpower your foes. With a simple gesture, deploy your units anywhere in the map to have a key advantage against enemies, choose between multiple paths to collect important and valuable items or make a pack of units powerful enough to defeat all your enemies.

By touching your units you’ll be able to transfer your power to the units or constructions. Charging a unit can make them stronger or your construction to produce faster.

Unleash your forces

Each individual faction is bestowed upon different abilities and play-styles that offer players new and exciting challenges with distinct units and constructions, everyone of them has its own features and a large combination of combat abilities including flying units and support units.

For the first time in a RTS side-scroller aerial units will be featured, greatly increasing the number of strategies available in combat.

Boss Battles

Defeat Big Bosses and unveil forgotten secrets and numerous surprises to finally reveal the secrets of the Mountain of DHA.

Customizable skill-set

Incinerate advancing foes with your skills, summon meteors that will devastate your enemy's army, engulf entrenched enemies with powerful spells, shake the earth, blast your enemies with fire and ice and much more as you wield the powers learned in a millennia of conspiracies.

Online Features

Experience Legends of DHA not only on your own, challenge your friends and other players to see who is the best field commander.

With Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, including co-op matches with friends or marshal your forces across ranked games against players in your town, country or even the whole world.

PlayStation trophies for PlayStation®Vita supported.

Game Details

Platform: PlayStation®Vita™

Genre: RTS side-scroller

Age Ratings: Pending

Release date: TBA 2015