Is the result of our ongoing effort to develop game design & programming tools that are powerful, very easy to use and allow game development on multiple platforms.

  • Multi-platform engine
  • Develop anywhere
  • Easy to use. Designed for fast prototyping
  • Powerful features in one package
  • Tools for faster developing

A joint effort between Artists, Programmers and Game Designers to assure an easy to use, easy to learn development environment where everyone can work freely and without limitations.

Develop Anywhere, Deploy Everywhere

Powerup Engine is the tech that powers all of our games, and it is designed to ease multi-platform development.

With Powerup Engine you won't need to rewrite your code, just select your target platform and deploy to it without problems. No specific platform code required.

The engine adapts to your programming environment. Be it Windows, Mac OS X or linux, no need to adapt to a new unfamiliar developing interface, the most common dev tools and OS's are supported.

The array of supported platforms will increase over time.

  • PC

    Deploy your games in all your home computers. The standard platform.

  • Mac

    Games are founding a new home in the Mac OS X thanks to the popularity of the system.

  • Linux

    With the growing support of games in Linux thanks to Steam we didn't want to let this OS out.

  • Develop Anywhere

    Powerup Engine allows multiplatform game programming using the majority of development environments for Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.

  • Sony PSVita

    Sony's latest dual-touch panel handheld console. Make your games come true in these amazing device.

  • Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo dominance in the portable console sector makes a necessity for everyone to have their games running on this popular machine.

  • iOS

    iPhone and iPad and the growing global market of the App Store. A platform no developer can ignore.

  • Android

    Smartphones and tables alike. Tested on a wide range of devices with great performance.

Easy To Use

Powerup Engine makes heavy and extensive use of the Lua scripting language to speed up game development and prototyping.

Every engine capability is accessible from Lua with negligible overhead.

We provide tools to easily make your already existing code base scriptable thanks to Simple Lua Bindings, a library to wrap C/C++ code and use it from Lua scripts, developed as open source by our team.


Powerup Engine sports quite a lot of features to ease game programming and design.

Skeletal animation

Powerup Engine supports traditional animation and the more advanced technique of Skeletal animation

Artificial Intelligence

AI driven by Behavior Trees and deeply integrated with the engine scripting system.


Multiplayer game management through game industry standards, and cloud services.

Particle systems

Efficient management of the particles, authoring tools and multiple behaviors are part of the engine toolset.

Input Controller

Seamless abstraction to handle input. Game play will depend only on high level events regardless of the device.


Post-processing effects, offscreen rendering, layered camera views... scriptable and customizable to provide any render aesthetic required.


Powerup Engine provides a set of tools to assist artists, designers and programmers in game development, focusing on bringing content to life as quickly and error-free as possible.

Using powerful open source tools as a strong foundation like Blender, the Powerup Engine plugin lets you perform actions like:

  • Scene compositing and editing
  • Skeletal animation export
  • Texture packaging
  • Export heterogeneous data directly to the engine
  • In-game view of content being edited


Interested in licensing?

Please, contact us for more information. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. We are sure there's a solution that suits your company.

Interested in porting your game to other platforms?

Powerup Engine allows game development on multiple platforms easily. If you are interested to port your game to any other platform, please contact us.